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Happy that you are here!

As a professionally trained photographer and creative visual artist, my job of telling the most beautiful love stories brings me so much fulfillment and joy.

I’m hard-working, yet light-hearted. I am active for you as a wedding photographer, fashion portrait photographer and family photographer in Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf, and all of North Rhine-Westphalia.

With more than 15 years of experience, ready for you to find me. With a lot of heart and feeling I enchant your special moments with the camera.

Here you will find all my offers on the subject of weddings, pregnancy, portraits and families.

Looking forward to

hear from you!

Weddings & Couple

Store unique charm and laughter


There are many beautiful things in the world, 

but there are not many that really belong to you. 

Give yourself a small gift, record your current beautiful face, and record the beautiful moments. 

I like to use photos to record life and freeze the good times in the past. 

I have to admit that the photos did help us store our childhood, locked my innocent and innocent smile when I was a child, and fixed my carefree happiness at that time. 

Simple things are always more beautiful than imagined, and the function of photos is probably to record these moments. Photos are time machines for memories. 

I love to travel for those who love me. 

One day in the future, I will see a different self at that time. Looking at those old photos, under the influence of time, I feel that those people no longer resemble those years. 

Photos are messengers that record time, allowing the spirit to travel through time and space alone. 

The photo is black and white and has yellowed around it. 

There is a kind mother in the photo, holding her child tightly in her arms, standing in front of the low and dilapidated house, she smiles so sweetly. 

The friendship of ordinary years is enough to move people, time blurs memory, time flows, photos record every bit, reflecting eternity. 

Many years later, when I open the photo album, the old time with a strong woody fragrance comes to my face. Looking at the photos and recording the time that has passed, I have to admit that I am getting old and I don’t like to smile so much. 

On the way of walking, use the aperture and shutter to record 

all the scenery of the unknown world.

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