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Confidence. Self. Fashionable.

Personalized photo shoot to express yourself.

You can dress up yourself or bring along all your favorite clothes and we will select the outfit together from your favorites and coordinate the look accordingly. Everything comes from the same source – which makes the whole shoot very harmonious. So you don't have to worry about anything other than feeling good.

Don't be afraid of the camera!

I wouldn’t stand in front of a lost canvas and shoot it with a flash. You won’t hear me say “pose!”. I'll help you pose - so you don't have to be afraid of the camera, even if you don't have any photography experience yet. We work together as a team to create something special for you. I promise you: you will be very surprised!

  What’s important to me is that you like yourself and feel good about yourself – because that’s how you shine.


You don’t have to be afraid at all! Whether you already have shooting experience or are more of an introvert - you'll be taken care of by me. you dare!

Portraits & Fashions


  • Outdoor or indoor (Photostudio) shooting

  • ca. 1,5 hour

  •  includes up to 2 outfit 

  • Professional post-production

  • High-resolution profi 12 photos (retouched ) 

  • Shot more than 120 photos  (unretouched)

  • Multiple selected photos 8 EUR per photo

  • 14 days delivery

  • Delivery via download 

* The shooting hour of personal needs is superimposed on the package price​.

* Travel expenses within 30km from Cologne is included, 0.48EUR per kilometer driven. 

* Bookable from Monday to Saturday.

* All Prises include 19 % MwSt.

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